Best Warehouse Shelving Options on the Market

The warehouse is a place that should guarantee you the security of all the items stored in it. In order to maximize on space, you need to arrange the warehouse in a way that it allows for easy and quick access of all the stored items.

The use of metal shelves in the warehouse has been found to increase space and accessibility of all the items. There are umpteen number of warehouse shelves that you can always use in your warehouse. Some of these shelves include:

Wire Shelves

These are some of the most common types of shelves that you can use in the warehouse. It's highly recommended for storing items that need more air circulation like electronics and foodstuff. For more mobility, you can use the casters to fit these shelves.

The shelves come in different forms like the stainless steel, chrome and epoxy coated among others. You can use these shelves to store the heavy duty appliances as they have a large capacity of about 600800 lbs.

Rivet Shelves

Do you need the type of shelves that you can easily assemble? The Rivet shelves are very reliable and convenient shelves for any kind of warehouse.

This is because you can easily assemble them as they don’t need bolts, nuts or clips.

You can be able to design the shelves to a multi-level storage system. The shelves are suitable for hand picking, small parts storage, archive box storage and backroom storage. You can either use them for heavy or the light weights. This is because they provide a wide range of beam options.

warehouse shelves

Gravity Flow Shelves

This is another type of shelves that you can use in your warehouse for storing small parts, date sensitive materials and retail applications. This is because they offer a first in, first out shelving options.

They come in different shapes as they vary in lengths, width and load capacity. Besides this, they also feature entry stops, casters, bins, rollers, entry guides and dividers.

Steel Shelving

The steel shelves are mainly designed in a way to increase the vertical storage space. This is because they are designed with about two to three levels.

They utilize both multi-level and the single system, hence suitable for your warehouse. You can also find some that are outfitted with drawers or bins for organizing inventory.

These are some of the ultimate shelves for any kind of warehouse that you can use to increase the storage space. The kind of shelves you choose should be determined by different factors like: the types of items to be stored, the shapes of the items, the weight of the item and the flow requirement of the stored items.